Advanced Architectural Design at NO Extra Cost

Principles of Design :

A. Fresh-Updated-Timeless design with the Minimum possible cost

B. Maximum Functionality

C. Aesthetics

D. Clarity in Design

E. According to the Principles of Minimalism

F. Connection to its environment 

G. Adjusted to the clients needs and wishes

H. Maximum communication between the client and the architect team, in order to have the best possible design

I. The building legislation is used as a challenge in design

J. Construction services can be provided after the design is finished, upon request by the client.

Sustainable Design

Save the maximum of Energy, that means to save money in construction and mainly in the maintenance of the building 

LEED (Leadership in Energy  & Environmental Design) certification can be provided upon request 

Design can be completed for every region worldwide.

The office is based in Crete island, but communication can be achieved through the Internet and selected trips to the site are feasible upon agreement.


The office is willing to work with other colleagues, architects, developers, etc, in order to exchange knowledge and achieve an advanced design.

Eleftherias' first principle in life is "Striving for Excellence"