Spring  2021

In a suburb of Irakleio city - the capital of Crete island-  lies an urban property surrounded by local vegetation and "relaxing" views of natural hills and of the Mediterranean Sea. The house design is "modern" Cretan, as well as Mediterranean, that respects its environment and has bioclimatic features: the building exploits fully the sun light and natural air throughout the day . The proposal has two faces: the street facade that is designed as a boundary in order to achieve privacy, whereas the other facades are more transparent, open to the infinite green yards of the plot.  The owners will enjoy the nature, but at the same time, will have their own protected shelter to live and create.

The renderings will be online soon...


Spring  2021

A2G Architects' Project:

Design is underway for four Vacation Houses in a plot South of Crete next to the beach of Libyan Sea.

The use of : White plaster, local stone, wood & glass elements, as well as local vegetation are the materials that compose a fresh new Cretan style Architecture, that inspires the guests to have an amazing, relaxing holiday experience. The project is perfectly integrated into the Cretan surrounding landscape.

More info to be revealed soon..